Dublin Through the Eyes of a First Time Traveler

This picture file tells the story of my first week living in Dublin, Ireland. In only a few days, I explored Dublin as a city, as a cultural center and as a beautifully landscaped destination. As my first experience abroad, this city opened my eyes to the complex ways in which history, culture and beauty relate to one another within the context of a large urban city. After viewing this slide show, the viewer will be able to recognize the complexity of life in Ireland’s largest city. Viewers will also be able to discuss a more complete picture of Dublin that goes beyond popular Irish stereotypes.


This is a photo of my favorite Georgian town home on Fitzwilliam Street. Beautifully colored vines adorn the facades of many old homes in the south end of the city. These homes are very popular for their traditional architecture and brightly colored front doors, which attract many picture-taking tourists. I couldn’t help but stop every time I passed this home on my way into the city.


The annual Liffey Swim is one of Ireland’s most famous traditional sporting events. The race takes place in the River Liffey, which runs through the center of Dublin and acts the main water source for the city. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the event on my first day exploring the city. The river not only serves a practical use, but brings beauty to the city and entertainment to the people.


Howth, which was once a small fishing village, now serves as one of the largest suburbs of Dublin. This picture was taken at a popular lookout point on the peninsula of Howth Head, which felt like standing on top of the world. After a hike along the beautifully landscaped peninsula, I enjoyed my first fish and chips experience at a small restaurant by the inner-city harbor.


Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious university. The beautiful architecture of the academic building took my breath away as I toured the campus. On my tour I was lucky enough to see the Book of Kells, a beautifully illuminated manuscript containing the four Gospels of the New Testament, which was being hosted at the university museum. The campus is also home to the library used for filming in Harry Potter, which is now a widely popular tourist attraction.


Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland is the oldest medieval cathedral in the city (older than St. Patrick’s Cathedral). The cathedral is unique for having an underground crypt, which is now used to house a museum for the long history of the cathedral. Beautifully designed cathedrals and churches are very common throughout Ireland and signify the importance history of religion in the country.


Bray is a coastal town outside of the city center commonly known for its busy urban shopping center and seaside resorts. This photo is taken from the top of Bray Head, a common hiking and walking trail for locals and tourists. Unlike the sandy beaches we tend to think of in the United Sates, many of Ireland’s coasts have pebble and rocky beaches like this one. The view from this elevation extended across the entire city of Dublin, reaching all the way to the Howth Head peninsula in the distance.


Street performers are very common in large cities in Ireland, especially Dublin. I saw these performers on O’Connel Street, the main street in the city. This type of creative expression is widely appreciated throughout the country, and it even hosted the Street Performance World Championship in 2011. From sand artists to magicians to musicians, these artists flank the city streets every day.


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